Monday, 31 December 2012


Samsung GalaxY S4..yet to come..

Samsung Galaxy S4


Galaxy Note II

The upcoming Galaxy S4 from Samsung is already carrying the weight of the whole Android smartphone world on its shoulders, even though it hasn't been officially announced yet, and we'd be lucky to see it actually available within the next six months.

Many are hoping the next flagship phone from Samsung could finally be the legendary and long-foretold Apple eater first documented in the book of Genesis. Actually, maybe that's something else. But there's still much speculation that Samsung could pull something groundbreaking out of its huge chaebolic hat to vault ahead of the iPhone (some, including a former Apple evangelist, believe the Galaxy S3 already achieved this, but that's another argument).

It could be those fancy, flexible screens Samsung has been teasing for years now, or maybe even a "folding" screen, but it's all just wild guessing at this point. That hasn't stopped some folks in Russia from going all out with the below "render" of a Galaxy S4 that shows an unbelievably thin phone with a big screen and a laser keyboard dock.

Unless Samsung has suddenly started running their product development and marketing through Moscow and filming promotional videos with a MacBook in the background, this seems totally out of left field, but I'd nonetheless love to see someone make this phone.

In addition, the device was also rumored to be powered by EXYNOS 5440 quad-core processor and would feature a 13 megapixel camera. The report also stated that the Galaxy S4 would have a chunkier body with 9.1mm thickness, which is quite thicker than the current Galaxy S3 model that is only 8.6mm thick.

However, more interesting is the fact that Galaxy S4 could share the big guy Galaxy Note’s S Pen feature. But the question is whether the users want an extra piece of technology with the device.

“The need to look after an extra piece of technology, and a small and easy-to-loose one at that, might be quite off-putting to some users,” said a Redmond Pie report.

SamMobile also gave similar views saying: “The biggest question is, will you use the S-PEN? We don’t think so.”

On Wednesday, another SamMobile report said that it had obtained the first model numbers of Samsung’s new high-end device -- the Samsung GT-I9500 and GT-I9505 (probably, a LTE version). Considering that number four is believed to be unlucky in Korea, the report suggested that the GT-I9500 could be the Galaxy S4 smartphone.

On Thursday, a concept video of the Samsung Galaxy S4 from Rozetked appeared online, highlighting two exciting features – a very thin form factor with a bigger screen and a “projected keyboard,” allowing the phone to project an image of a keyboard on a flat surface and then let the user type using the projected keys.